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Current Named Scholarship Holders

We are very grateful for the support we already have. Your support has meant that we can not only actually open and run but means we have been able to offer a couple of fully funded places to children who could not have otherwise attended. 

Vauxhall One:

Vauxhall One sponsor all half price Sibling places and referrals from other services 

Vincent and Usha Scholarships:

  • Kwabena

  • Kevyn

  • Romell

Daniel Bolton Scholarship:

  • Grace 

Elva Makins Scholarship:

  • Soniyah

We would like to give a big shout-out and thank you to the following people/organisations that have funded or supported us...

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Two scholarships are in the loving memory of Elva Makins and Daniel Bolton. Gone but never forgotten. Both of whom changed our lives forever and are now continuing to change the lives of our young people.

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