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The Academy

The Boury Academy CIC is a Not For Profit Performing Arts School designed to increase access to Affordable Professional Training for children and young people aged 4-18.


We intend to give the same or a BETTER standard of training than any traditional stage school and have won multiple awards for our work with young people. 


Performing Arts builds skills that are transferable to lots of different aspects of life. From confidence and creativity to health and fitness and self-expression.


The Boury Academy aims to create a community of children of all different age groups and from different schools within the borough and to provide a constructive place to be and goals to aim towards.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to increase access to professional performing arts for young people by providing affordable training and career opportunities from our rehearsal studios in Lambeth. To increase diversity in the arts through that access and to build confidence, creativity, community cohesion and provide a safe place to be.


Our vision is of a world where there are no barriers to the performing arts, where Young People feel represented, valued and empowered.


We are committed to increasing access and diversity in professional performing arts by nurturing and developing young people with an empathetic approach that fosters their creativity and talent. We aim for excellence in performing arts by offering high-quality teaching and mentoring from industry experts.


Cookie Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Health & Safety


At Boury Academy, we believe that a strong foundation of policies and guidelines fosters a safe, inclusive, and enriching educational environment for our students, staff, and parents alike.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy



Terms & Conditions of Hire Policy

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