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Welcome to the Lambeth Schools' Summer Flashmob 2023 supported by ELEVATE

We invite you to take part in a Dance Flashmob style event on

JULY 7th at 2 pm.

We hope that as many schools as possible teach the same dance routine to their students and then get outside on July 7th, play the track as loudly as you can, and everyone will dance the same routine at the same time throughout Lambeth!!


You are of course able to join in and perform in your own time too. Regardless we would love to see the footage so we can create a big montage video of togetherness.

Here you can find the full flashmob video to practise along with at home!! 

Did You know?

The Boury Academy, a community interest company, is dedicated to providing accessible arts education in Lambeth. Contact us today to explore our diverse programs and workshops for your school. #PerformingArtsForEveryone

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